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We are now in Moscow and will be heading to Helsinki. I hope to have the rest of China done soon. It is a bit more exciting than Hong Kong, but then it would be hard not to be.

Frank Bernstein

Maybe this was just a phase of your trip, Steve, but somehow I think you may have set a record for most reubens consumed and TGIFriday's visited in a single trip to a foreign country. Maybe if you didn't keep count yourself, if one of us gets bored we can go through this blog and count them for you.

Can't wait to see the Sikh knife.

I'm going to tell my BofA personal banker your BofA (Asia) story.

Best, Frank

Jeff Hopp

Now you know why Tami and I call Bank of America Banco del Diablo.

Papa Slack

Herr Neal, Was gibt'...achhh, 6-foot-tall germans! =)

What is the original purpose of a Sikh knife?

peace/papa slack

Frank Bernstein

Steve - Have you Finnished your trip to Helsinki? Inquiring minds want to know. Also - please update your TGIFriday's runs (no pun intended), and number of reubens consumed. One other thing, too, while I think of it. At a family reunion in June, I ran into a bottle of Ukranian vodka that was something like 192 proof. Just wondering if you encountered anything similar in your Russian travels.

Best, Frank


I realize it's been a while since I updated this. I've had trouble finding a place with WiFi. I'm in Luxor, Egypt. Tomorrow I will be traveling through the Valley of the Kings by donkey.

I've been to 2 TGIFriday's for the trip (one of them twice). I've had approximately 3 Reubens (a number sure to go up exponentially in New York). Sikhs are required to be armed to defend their faith.

I hope to have posts soon describing panda love, Mike's methods for escaping a Russian Mafia chokehold, and what the interior of a Turkish police van feels like (surprisingly comfortable).

Frank Bernstein

Enjoy the journey through the Valley of the Kings, but try not to get too attached to your ride. The fans will be neither amused nor impressed if you kiss your ass goodbye.


Steve-Hello from the turkey farmers! I just happened to be at your Mom's house when Fed Ex pulled up with a box of fun things from you, including the Turkey flag t-shirt. Ron got a good laugh! Thanks so much.
Have a great trip, Susie

Heather Bolwar

Have you made it to Germany? Need free lodging in a smallish Middle Franconian town? I live/work in the Ansbach area (closest big city: Nuremberg). Got two extra bedrooms, but I don't cook. Love the blogs, have a swell trip!
Heather Bolwar (your Class of '92 classmate--yes, the funny lookin' one)

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